Training Courses

Below is a full list of courses that we offer at RAKSDI.

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Vocational Skills

  • Aircon & Refrigeration
  • Bricklaying
  • Carpentry
  • Electrical
  • Electronics
  • Small Scale Manufacturing

  • Electric Fencing

  • Fitting
  • Joinery
  • Painting & Decorating
  • Pipe Fitting

  • Plumbing

  • Tiling and Paving

  • Plastering

  • Catering and Baking

  • Property Maintenance
  • Quality Control
  • Solar
  • Turning
  • Welding
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Education and Training & Soft Skills

  • Facilitation

  • Assessment

  • Moderation

  • Time & stress management

  • Virtual teaching and learning

Digital Technology Skills

  • End user computing

  • Computer courses

  • Internet & Email

  • System Development

  • System Support

  • Virtual Reality Technologies

Training Benefits

Our main Campuses is situated at 4665 Azima Street, Doornpoort, Gauteng and RAKSDI Institute, Stand 1241, Makgato Village, Botlokwa, Limpopo. This is where the bulk of our training takes place. All the courses we present are stipulated on our courses page.

This training is done on a Customer’s or another premises. The courses we offer as well as number of students per course are restricted. The Customer must supply all the necessary equipment and consumables required for the specific course. The capacity on all courses for the total of students that can be trained at a time is 30.

The subjects that can be trained are also restricted and is mainly welding and civil works that include Bricklaying, Painting, Carpentry, Tiling, Glazing, Roof Fixing and Plumbing. Electrical and Air-conditioning & Refrigeration courses are restricted. This type of training must be arranged well in advance of training dates with Admin Staff / Management.

RAKSDI has a mobile unit that we use to do training in rural and remote areas that will be accessible for a small truck and trailer.

The number of students that can be trained at a time are limited to a maximum of 10. The subjects that can be trained are also restricted and is mainly welding and civil works that include Bricklaying, Painting, Carpentry, Tiling, Glazing, Roof Fixing, Plumbing and Electrical. To arrange training with the Mobile Unit, please contact our office well in advance of training dates.

Our courses cater for individuals who are looking to further their careers or perhaps specialize in a particular occupation.

Through our workshops students are equipped with essential skills that will help them find employment. Our workshops last 15 days or less, and upon completion of the workshop students are able to commence working immediately.

Individuals become company assets with practical skills that are highly sought after in the labour market. Our workshops teach students the value of productivity and use their strengths to build practical skills.

Through our course individuals are able to:

  • Improve skills
  • Have the possibility to get access to the trade test
  • Change careers

We urge companies and employees to source trained staff directly from us, as we provide exceptionally skilled workers with a high quality of qualification.

Companies prefer to send unskilled staff and unemployed youths to RAKSDI, due to our renowned short courses. We have the ability to customise our courses to meet the needs and requirements of companies. The benefit of short courses, is that employees do not spend prolonged periods of time away from the site. It also promotes lifelong learning in an industry where technology, and industry demands are constantly evolving and improving.

Advantages of training employees with RAKSDI

  • Skilled workers in the workplace.
  • Better production in the work environment.
  • Can claim points back on your BBBEE Certificate under Skills Development and Preferential Procurement.
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More Reasons to Train at RAKSDI

Advantages of Training Non Employees with RAKSDI

  • Upliftment of previously disadvantaged individuals.
  • Claim points back on BBBEE Certificate under Socio Economic Development , Enterprise Development as well as Preferential Procurement.

How can your company give back?

  • Your company can give a disadvantaged unemployed youth the skills they need to be employed or become self-sustained – and able to provide for themselves and their family. This also carries the benefit of BBBEE points.
  • Sponsor one or more of our graduating students with an entrepreneur start up package and reap BBBEE.

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